PE Database Limitation


I have 2 questions regarding the 1GB limitation of the Personal Environment:

1) How can I control my database usage? Shouldn't service center have a counter like "xxxMB of 1GB used"?

2) Normally OutSystems Platform does not delete tables from the database when we delete an entity or an entire eSpace. How will PE work in this scenario? Is there any service in the Personal Environments that will do DB cleanup and recover unused DB space?

Thanks :)
Hello Carlos,

Thanks for the feedback. The answer to both your questions is - yes, it should! 

As we're releasing the personal environment we'll keep improving the experience so it is very much self service. Allowing you to check the status of the DB usage is one of those things we'll need to add and also making sure that you can reclaim space that you don't need anymore.  

In the meanwhile, we'll let you know if you are even close to your limit by contacting you directly if that ever happens. 

Keep enjoying your personal environment!