newbie question

I have just started using the system and am impressed with the facilities, automation and flexibility.
I have been a Database designer long time ago, so the databases structure is my key knowlegde. I would need to get some screens for list, enter, update and delete.
I have watched the video's on creating the screens to support these action, but get the impression the current version is easier since screens like new/edit are automatically created. Am I right ?? is there somewhere where I can see/read the latest functionality on this ?
Thanks in advance for your attention. 
Hi Rob.

Welcome to the forum.

The automatic creation of List/Show/Edit screens has been around for a long time in the platform. Only the UI is different.
The best place to see it in the Academy is chapter 3, but the best way to learn it is by practicing. Define a table and drag it to Interface. Define a related table and drag it also. It is really straightforward.
Hi rob,

Nuno pointed you to the right place. Before you learn to run you must learn to walk first :).

Now if you already went thru the online training you'll also see that in module 13 we use these accelerators to rapidly create the CRUD interfaces. All of these are documented in the reference help.

Thanks both Nuno & Andre,
will get on the way !
cheers, Rob