[CryptoAPI] Can't Publish ardoCrypto using Integration Studio 8.0.1

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Published on 3 Mar (2 weeks ago) by Ricardo Silva
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Published on 3 Mar (2 weeks ago) by Ricardo Silva
I tried publishing this component in 8.0.1 Integration studio and I get the attached dialog box. If I answer No, the publish process ends. If I answer yes, verify all the values, click OK then the dialog comes up again.

I've published many other extensions before and after this one without this problem. Thoughts?

The ardoCrypto extension has both .NET and Java implemented.

Your personal environment is a .NET environment, and most extensions have only .NET implemented ( SHAME! ).

You get that error if you don't have Java properly configured. You can either configure the extension to be .NET only (and ignore the Java files), or properly configure java to compile the extension on your machine.

Can you release a P10 version?


The currently released version should upgrade nicely to P10. Just publish it via ServiceCenter.

Are you having problems with this?

I know that the currently released version works in P10, but for Java Stack it makes me upgrade it manualy, thats is why i'masking for a P10 release.