Widget Click

Hey everyone.

I have a dumb question to make:

Does the Widget_Click action work from the Preparation?


Carlos Almeida
Hi Carlos,

First of all there's no  dumb questions here.

Yes you can use a Widget_Click in preparation, but don't forget to ensure all the behaviours, actions with method set to submit will make the preparation run again.
Hey Nuno,

My idea was, inside a weblock, to use a widget click to click a link to refresh a list. The thing is, it is not working, the RefreshList screen action doesn't seem to be called, at least I can't catch it in the debug.
The widget_click has in the description that doesn't work with Links with method set to Navigate or Submit. Is that your case?

Try using a button instead of a link and set the method to ajax.

Hope that helps.