Mobile apps developed using OutSystems

Mobile apps developed using OutSystems

Can a mobile application created using OutSystems Service Studio be published in Play Store?
I saw much about PhoneGap discussed here... maybe that would help. No APP is actually published but check this 
Also search PhoneGap on this site... good luck

Hi Eloisa,

There is a forum post from Rúben which can help you with this:

The PhoneGap Build service can help solve two problems: create a mobile application, that you can submit to the store, and provide access to the phone hardware and features such as the contacts. From your question, I believe you're only interested on creating the mobile application, so you will only need to focus on creating the config.xml file and using the Build service to create the app.

We've published our PhoneGap-built application in both Google Play and Apple iTunes store, with good results.