Point one domain to a espace in community edition


How can i configure one domain to open one eSpace?
Which nameservers should be configured?


-Point your domain name to your server IP (it will take hours to replicate woridwide, if you're in a hurry to test, just configure your hosts file)
-Install SEO (see how)
-Go to ServiceCenter / Administration / SEO URLs / Site Rules List / New Site Rule
-Enter your domain and select the corresponding eSpace

Except for the dns it will be instantaneously.
what is my sever ip in comunity edition?

The cloud is not Community Edition, that is Personal Environment. There unfortunatelly you have no way to add a domain.

Community Edition is the version you download and install in a server.
Nuno, thanks for your answer.

So if i can't delivery cloud app to a costumer throw one domain. What is Personal Enviroment used for?
Hi João,

Like the name say, it's for Personal usage. Helping you to test concepts and create a kind of portfolio.

I just came across this post searching for a way to point a DNS Cname record to an app in my personal environment.


I did a weeks face to face training and im evaluating your product for an enterprise roll out and im not making much progress on these apps.  Got several apps sitting in half finished state due to roadblocks.

What is the process for taking an app from my personal environment to production where I can assign my own domain name.  Can someone please point me to relevant documentation.
In order to help you we need to define our terms a little.  The Community Edition (no longer supported after version 8) is installed on a local machine.  Since it is on your own equipment you can configure your web server to map your domain name to the site.  Unfortunately, the Community Edition is extremely limited in the size of the application that you can write so it is unlikely a live application would be usable in this environment.

The Personal Edition is intended to be used to as a development and test environment where you can create large applications without the limitations of the Community Edition.  While the Personal Edition can be used for a production application, there are some restrictions in the Personal Edition that may make it unusable depending on your application.  Most of these limitations revolve around the fact that it's in the cloud and you have no control over the hardware and web server settings.  Obviously, without access to web server settings these is no way to configure your own domain.  While I have a workaround for this issue (see below), the many other limitations will eventually force you to a decision to buy the Enterprise Edition, which is obviously the intent of offering the Personnal Edition for development.  Once you buy the Enterprise Edition all the limitations go away.

One last point about development vs. production.  You really can't do that unless you have an Enterprise Edition.  Even if you created two personal environments, you cannot move code from one to another so trying to emulate a development and production environment in this manner will not work.

The workaround for the domain is easy.  Create a default web page (usually index.htm) for the domain you want to use.  The web page contains the following.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<iframe src="http://yourname.outsystemscloud.com/yourespace" width="100%" height="10000" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Note that using a height of 100% didn't work for me so I just picked 10000 pixels.  Change as needed.  Now, when you go to your domain it will show your development site but it will look like a production domain.  There's only one issue that I'm aware of.  If links on your site open a new window or new tab, the new window or tab will show the full Outsystems domain name if that's what the link points to.

Hope this helps,