LifeTime - Compiling problem

LifeTime - Compiling problem

Hi, everybody!
I need help to resolve a problem that I couldn´t figure out. I had a default plataform installation with SQL Server Express. Yesterday, I made some tunning following the checklist provided by OutSystems. Since than I cant deploy on that host via LifeTime. It stops on the first compiling action. Can anyone guide me on this? Tnx!
Hello Rogério

First thing's first. Well done with the environment names in LifeTime :)

Now with the troubleshooting guide. Let's trace the problem from 2 different angles:

Angle 1:
Following the basic "action -> consequence" troubleshooting approach, it's possible that some of the tunning settings have been responsible for this problem. On that note, can you review the changes you've made? Sometimes, while setting the maxRequestLength or the Worker Process memory limits, one can input the incorrect value or in the correct unit (KB instead of Bytes).

Angle 2:
The other approach is to check the error logs on the LifeTime environment, and on the "Darth Sidious" environment. Access the Service Center on the LifeTime environment, and check the error logs (Monitoring tab). Find errors during the time period where it failed to deploy to the "Darth Sidious" environment. 
Also, access "Darth Sidious" Service Center, and also in the Error Logs find error messages during the same time frame.

If the deploymetn from LifeTime is failing due to some configuration, it's very possible that errors exists in either the error logs.

Let us know your findings. You can share the error messages so we can troublehsoot.



Bingo! I had configure the limit on recicly thinking in mb not kb. Thx Miguel João!