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I created a detailtable by dragging a table into a Edit page. It's created and the link New detail shows a popupeditor. It doesnot provide a way to edit the detail however, so I created a link in the table to edit the record in the same popup. I created a link but the destination (same popup) does not show as a popup but in a different screen. Can you give me an example how to do this properly?

BTW It would be nice if Intelliwarp should provide this too.

Regards, Harry 
Hello Harry

The Intelliwarp doesn't generate popup editor patterns right form the context menu.

But you can easily implement it manually, by following the Academy Video

Hope this helps.

Hi Miguel,

It helped -pointed me in the right direction) and I found a way to ease this a lot. What I did (after letting IntelliWarp (IW) created the detail table with the New link to a Webscreen in a popupeditor):

  1. created a (named) Edit link of one of the fields in the detail table and setting the destination to the same webscreen that was generated by IW (and filled in the parameters for the destination)
  2. copied the popup widget near the New link to the Edit link and pointed the popupwidget to the Edit link and gave it another title ("Edit")
That was all, great. I hope this 'shortcut' will also help others.

Regards, Harry

Hi Harry,

You can find more information on these shortcuts in the reference documentation.