Help with Javascript problem

Hi guys! How are you?
Here in the project I'm in, we've been building an OutSystems  widget to select dates and times that is based on the JavaScript component available in here. Josh also published it on Forge. Find it here.
The component is working fine in both desktop and mobile versions of Chrome, but it does not work on the default browser of an Android, at least the ones we've tried. Mine is something like "AppleWebkit  534.30?!". We also found that it works fine on a Samsung default browser, oddly enough...
The problem that we faced is that, on the referred problematic browser, with the date selector, if you click on a date, it selects one from two rows above.
We've debugged it to exhausting and found that the problem is due to RichWidgets' "mobilescripts" block, namely the function "slideIn". If we do not use the slidein function, by setting the Mobile_slideAnimations to false, it works great... I've debugged the "slideIn" function again and again but come out short on solutions....
I've uploaded to my personal :) a demo of the picker with the problem. Check it here. I've also attached the solution on this post.
Is there anyone that knows JavaScript/css like ninja that can help?
Thanks a lot!
?Pedro Cardoso
Hi Pedro,

Old android devices are as great as old IE versions. And the debugging experience is just awesome!

FYI we did a very small related fix in MobileScripts in version, at the end of the slideIn funcion that might have also fixed that problem:

    function slideIn(toPage, backwards) {
        setTimeout(function() {
          $toPage.css('webkitTransform', 'none');
          $toPage.css('transform', 'none');
        }, 0);

To try it out you in your version you might want to create a similar web block in your eSpace with this fix.

Tiago Simões 

right on the spot! That fixed it!

Thank you so much!