I searched how to use RegEx. I read in the forum that you could add a reference. However I do not see the 'Text' reference with the RegEx actions in 8.01 (personal enviroment). Has it moved?

Regards Harry
I did some quick searches and all references to RegEx that I could find are extremely old, circa 2008.  Any version of Outsystems 6 or higher includes an extension called Text which seems to have the same functionality.  I would add a reference to that and use that in your project.
Hi Curt,

That was partly my question: I can not find the Text reference in 8.01

Regards, Harry

I can confirm that the Text extension exists on the personal environment.

Perhaps you have not noticed the dropbox for "Show In Use" ? You should change this to "Show All" if you want to view all available references.
Hi Ricardo,

You were right. I changed the wrong "Show All" listbox (there are two). Kind of stupid isn't it. Thanks.

Regards, Harry
In fact, until platform 6 changed the default of the second checkbox from "Show All", I didn't even know it existed (though it did in 5.x). :)