Where can I download one ServiceStudio-8.x.x. for Mac Air?

I am just new user today and would like to use my Mac Air and play with OutSystems.  However, the downloaded file is *.exe and I could not find any other download file. Please send me a link if you can.  Thanks for your help.
Hi Xuliang,

Welcome to our community!

I to use a Mac Air but in order to develop applications with the OutSystems Platform you need to install a desktop application that unfortunately only runs on Windows. So you need to have a virtual machine on your Mac Air to run it. I, for instance, have VMWare Fusion but you can also try VirtualBox.

I hope you keep around and that you take a chance to play with OutSystems. A great place for you to start is the online training that will guide you thru the basics and building up your knowledge until you're autonomous.

If you're new to web development I suggest starting on module 1, otherwise you can skip that module and probably also the first videos on module 2. You find the online training here: http://www.outsystems.com/academy/training/

Hi Andre,

Thank you for your timely reply and help.  I will try vitrual box first.