[Timer Map] Create view

[Timer Map] Create view

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Published on 2015-03-30 by Grazina
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Published on 2015-03-30 by Grazina
Is it possible to create the view in the bootstrap of the application, so i can try it on the OutSystemscloud platform?

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Hi Matthias,

No, because the runtime user doesn't have that privilege on the database.
What's the necessary setup for the view creation in an Oracle installation?
- the view was created with the OSADMIN user;
- OSRUNTIME user was given a GRANT SELECT over that view;
- a synonym named OSRUNTIME.osview_timer_duration was also created;

It still does not work. Any ideas on what's missing here?

...strange, I'm still getting an ORA-00942 error (table or view does not exist).

As a workaround, I tried to re-import osview_timer_duration from Integration Studio. At least this way I could be sure that the platform database user would be able to access that view.

But when executing this query I got a new error, much different than the previous, OCI-22053 overflow error. This sounds like a problem with the .NET OracleClient class... any idea on how to overcome this?

OCI-22053 error was fixed after changing the following view statement to:

create view [dbo].[osview_timer_duration] as
select count(1) runs, TRUNC(avg(t.duration)) duration, t.cyclic_job_key, t.espace_id
(select * from oslog_cyclic_job_0...
To anyone interested, the newer version of the Timermap (2.0.0) is not dependent on the view creation anymore!

Have fun!