Gaps in conditional showing of widgets


I'm encountering a strange behaviour in the layout of widgets. I have a table container (EditRecord) where several datafields (and their label) are only shown based on an if condition. This works (only the fields that match the condition are shown) but there are vertical 'gaps' between the fields (but not all). With other words: the fields appear beneath eachother with lots of whitespace.   

OML included. Choose Campagnes - New Berichtregel - change the value of dropdown RegelType

NB: sometimes scrollbars appear too (but again: not always). Any help would be appreciated.

Regards, Harry
Hi Harry,

I think the problem you are having is because even though the cells have no content the rows are still included in the html.
Since there is no "Visible" property at the row level, a way to fix it is to add a display:none style when you don't want the row to take space:

João Rosado
Thanks, Joao, works great. Also saving me a huge amount of If widgets!

Regards, Harry
Hi Harry,

About saving those IF widgets, remember that display none only means that the data is not visible but it is still there on the source code, anyone inspecting the source of the page would see it there...