Page Load Issue

Page Load Issue

Hi ,

I m using table record widget to show records. i need to process that data before i bind it to the table record widget and i m using 9 pop-ups in every row,

let say if i have 250 rows then i m using-- 250 ROWS * 9 POP-UPS

So, is this impacting the load time for the page? can anyone suggest me any solution for improving the performance

Yes. It has a huge impact.

When you say process, you mean "user interaction with the data"? Because otherwise I see no reason to use popups.
If it has to be so, one popup should be enough for each row. And when you finish editing row 1, you send it to the table record and open a new popup for row 2, and so on until all data is loaded.

But this is not the best way to do it.