Service Center Installation

Hi All,

I have been using Outsystems CE (V8) on my WIN 8.1 pc for a while with no errors... then after a few problems with Windows I decided to wipe and reinstall a fresh WIN8.1 OS. All is working with my new install except I cannot get Outsystems to install. I've searched all the posts here without getting to a fix. IIS seems to be OK in that I can see a webpage at I've reinstalled dot net. Checked directory write permissions... having spent 2 days on this I'm now giving up :-( ..... please can someone help??
See screen grab for exact error... basic error is:
Could not invoke ping. Exception: The underlying connection was closed......
Fixed it myself now....
1. I opened 'turn windows features on and off' and turned pretty much everything off - all .net & iis.
2. I then deleted from c: as many directories i could find relating to iis & .net 
3. Restarted PC
4. Turned on .net & IIS (all features)
5. Ran the config tool again and it ran through to that magic word.... Done..! :-)

Now onto actually creating an app!!