parsing javascript date-object to outsystems datetime issue

I am filling an input-box with the javascript-date : "Sat Mar 01 2014 00:00:00 GMT+0000"
Yet Outsystems cannot parse this as a date, I end up with a nulldate.

imho, this is a correct format. so texttodatetime should be working?

how do I solve this ?


The format is correct but it is also a bit inappropriate for parsing, since the day of week and month name abbreviations are locale dependent. I believe you should have no trouble sending the more appropriate formats returned by calling toISOString() on the date, which should use an ISO8601 compliant format. This format is also used when you specifically set the input with type="date" on browsers which support these formats.

The toISOString() may not be available in some "browsers" (see the compatibility tables) in which cases a polyfill may be used to support this method (see MDN's documentation for a polyfill example).

If you don't need to show that date with that specific format in the UI, I'd recommend using the ISO format instead.

everyone should use the iso format when talking about dates :)

ISO 8601 was published on 06/05/88 and most recently amended on 12/01/04
I did change it to ISO, but somehow I expected to work out of the box, since I did not do any conversions yet (using the moment.js)

Does that mean it's working now?