The Bits&Bijt event is back!

Hello community! :)
Save the Date! Bits&Bijt will be back on March 13 in Utrecht!
Details for newcomers: Bits&Bijt is a community meetup where you will be able to meet other OutSystems developers, learn from their experience and discover how the OutSystems Platform can make you way more productive in the real world.
Details for old timers: based on your feedback from the past event we will make this one less “theoretical” by saving more space for you guys to participate and bring your knowledge and experiences to the table. :)


Restaurant Zuiver
Krommewetering 51
3543 AM Utrecht


  • 14h00 - Up to date with the OutSystems Platform
    Hard to keep pace with all the latest OutSystems news? In this session, Gonçalo Borrêga, Product Manager, will bring you up to speed with the latest Winter release, take you on a trip to the OutSystems Platform in cloud, and overview all you can do in your own personal environment. You'll be fully up to speed.

    Requirement: bring questions.
  • 14h30 - Great looking and responsive applications with the new London Theme
    Martin Westra from the Sales Engineering team will do a hands-on session showing the goodies from the new London Theme!

    Requirement: bring your laptop and personal environment set up.
  • 15h00 - Sharing your OutSystems Platform experience
    Developer-lead sessions where your fellow community members share their experiences on using the OutSystems Platform on their daily jobs.

    Requirement: bring your experiences, curiosity and will to learn.
  • 16h30 - go home or mingle, it's up to you. :)

Planning for the "15h sessions" is still in progress so ping me back if:
  • you have something you'd like to present (cool challenge you overcome with the platform, long time pet project or your personal environment explorations)
  • or you know someone who would be an awesome presenter
I'll share updates here when these last sessions fall into place.

Davide Marquês

Welcome back, bits & bijts. you have been missed!!!

Sadly I cannot come :/
And... to register go here:

(I knew something was missing)
@Statler & Waldorf feel free to send others as your representatives. The more the merrier! ;)
Davide: stop booking B&B on Thursdays, or Statler & Waldorf will not let my children go. :)

Hi all,

Would be a nice one indeed, sadly can't come either.

Kind regards,
Not to scare anyone, but MAIN is attending with five :)
Marco Costa created the workshop which I demonstrated during the afternoon. So for all the people that attend and wanted to do some hands-on themselves. Please find the oml attached. 

This is tested on version of service studio.  


Hi Martin.
Don't limit this to the participants of the workshop. This is also useful for those who didn't attend :)

Thanks Marco.

Good to know that you enjoyed the workshop, I'm sure Martin did a great job also. Any comments are gladly appreciated!

Of course the OML is for everybody to try some exercises themselves. Please feel free to use it.