Licensing Error when Publishing in Personal Environment

Yesterday afternoon I tried to publish and got a Licensing Error.  It says “Your server license does not allow using HTTP Security, and HTTPS/SSL & Client Certificates.  Please do not use it or contact OutSystems for a license upgrade.”

I'm not using HTTP security, but even if I was, I thought is was supported in the personal environment space.

I did add a Web Service Reference that was pointing to an HTTPS page, but I deleted it after I added it.

Any idea why I am getting the error?

Check if you have any web flow or web screen with the HTTP Security set to anythin gother than 'None'.
Does this happen only for a specific eSpace you publish?
Thanks André, my HopePage had a blank value in the HTTP Security.  Changed it to None and was able to publish.

Although, I thought SSL was allowed in the personal environments.  According to the FAQ:
3.10. Can I use SSL to secure my applications?
Yes. Currently both application endpoints (HTTP and HTTPS) are available to secure screens and web services in your personal environment. However, custom SSL certificates and support to enforce HTTPS endpoints only are not available at the moment.