Popup + InputCalendar + ComboBox 

Popup + InputCalendar + ComboBox 


With version, the input calendar widget shows behind the combo box on a popup.
This does not happen in a web screen.

The popup was created by Service Studio and is using the LayoutsOther\Layout_Popup.
Thanks for the tip. I'm sure the team will look into it.

I wouldn't use a popup calendar inside a popup. The Input_Calendar has a flat mode that allows for you to select dates without the calendar poping up. This usually works better when embedding the calendar on a popup.

You could probably play with the z-index of things to make them show up in the right place, by the way.
Thanks André. I don't like the flat mode, it wastes too much space of the popup.

Ricardo: it can be fixed applying a z-index of 0 to the combobox, but I just repported so it can be fixed in future builds.
Thanks Tiago :)
Hi Carlos,

Thanks for reporting it, I believe that was a tentative fix for an android 2.2 issue, but we'll look it up and make sure it doesn't mess up with these scerarios. In the meantime another workaround might be to put:

select {

In your theme.

Tiago Simões