Questions from Ask OutSystems (2014-02-19)

Questions from Ask OutSystems (2014-02-19)

Hi all,

Last week we had a trial for a new way for newcomers to interact with OutSystems (appropriately called "Ask OutSystems") and today I would like to share the questions/answers from that first event.

What type of applications can I build with the OutSystems Platform?
Customer engagement apps; Rapid change; Innovative / Differentiating apps
E.g. Portals (Customer, Partner, Employee, Student, Agent, …); Core differentiating systems and Enterprise workflows
More details on our customer's page.

What other systems can I integrate the OutSystems Platform with?
Any kind of system through the following mechanisms:
  • Services integration
  • SDK/API reusable in Java or .NET
  • UI integration “on the glass” with integrated authentication / SSO
  • Database connectivity to external systems
  • Integrated JavaScript and jQuery
HTTPS/SSL, Domain, ?
  • Built in support for HTTPS
     - Upload your own certificate to the cloud (Enterprise subscription)
     - Configure your application to force HTTPS access on specific page flows or services
  • Your own domain on the Enterprise subscription
  • Database encryption

Can I use Mac OS to develop using the OutSystems Platform?
Our visual development studio currently runs on Windows. 
Quite a few of us are Mac users as well and we use virtualization software such as VMWare, Parallels or VirtualBox and develop within a small Windows VM (the visual development studio isn't resource hungry).

How can I use jQuery in my applications?
jQuery packaged as part of the Platform.
Include your own jQuery (or other javascript) libraries

If you'd like to join our next session tomorrow at 5 PM (UTC) please register in this page:
"the visual development studio isn't resource hungry" - well, I'm not sure what you call "resources", but I can tell that it reaaaaally loves memory :) Especially because the memory leaks stil haven't been fixed.

"If you'd like to join our next session tomorrow at 5 PM" - there's always a session tomorrow? :)
That tomorrow already came and go, but you can still check the registration link to see next tomorrows. :)
Ok, thanks :)