Hi, I would like to know how to download xls from the system.
Now I'm using "record list to Excel" and "Download" but the file that I donwload have the ".aspx" extension, i don't understand why... 
if I change the extension, once donwloaded on my PC,  then I'm able to open it.

How can I change the extension?

Many thanks !
Hi Simone,

Make sure you have a Mime Type for excel file ("application/vnd.ms-excel") and add a .xls extension on the FIlename property of your Download Widget. You could also try using different reporting tools like SQL Server Reporting Services or Crystal Reports for more flexible reporting capabilites.

Mark Chua
Many thanks Mark! it works like a charm!
Instead of xls, make that xlsx, or Excel will complain! Also, a mime-type of "application/octet-stream" (which I think is the default) suffices. The most important thing is the extension as part of the file name.