Best way to support desktop and mobile in same app

I have an app that needs to expose some version of itself on a mobile device (iPhone, Android, iPad). I know 8.0.1 is coming, which may address some of this, but we're not able to put this off for several months. What's the best way to extend my app now to support some mobile screens?
Hi Gerry,

I'd say the best way would be to use the London theme, which is responsive and that will give you, with probably the least effort, an interface that works on desktop and mobile devices.

Another possibility would be to create a mobile web app and use a public API from your current application. You need to defined what you'll need (entities, actions) from your application to create those screens.
I'm with Andre... creating that API to be used by your mobile devices is a very large additional burden, not to mention the headaches of dealing with native app development. We started using PhoneGap recently, and even just dealing with that seems to require a full time developer, even though all of the "real work" is still in OutSystems. It's just a never-ending stream of device-specific issues for Android, and dealing with Apple's policies and toolset on iOS...

Does that mean making tables, actions, etc. 'public' in the existing desktop, creating a new app with the Mobile template and developing an alternate UI in that new eSpace?

Also, there seems to be a way to add a mobile Theme to an app, creating a new webflow and assigning that theme to it. Is that another way to do this, but now, all within the same espace?

The London theme is not really an option at this time and I really don't know what are the best practices in this case and what my options are to get this done in a relatively quick time frame.
Your first one is the way to go. In terms of lifecycle management you'll probably have different features and having separate modules/apps will make that deployment easier as well.

Take into consideration that when you expose an entity by default that entity will be exposed read only, i.e. only the read API of that entity will be available to consumers. This is actually a best practice, what you want to do in this case is to expose actions that manipulate that entity and that way centralize also that logic.
Hi Justin,

I would be interested in hearing more of your experiences in PhoneGap when you have a few minutes spare to do so.

Thanks, Mark

Mark -

Anything specific?

Hi Justin,

Nothing specific - do's and do not's.

When you mentioned device-specific issues on Android - you mean screen resolutions? 

Is 8.0.1 officially released yet?

What will be coming this May at the conference?
Hi Gerry,

Yes, 8.0.1 was only available for the Personal Edition, but since February 17 it has been publicaly available.
Check out the 8.0.1 what's new.