Scrolling weblocks

Scrolling weblocks

I have a screen that has 4 webblocks that show 5 items each in ListRecord widgets. I now need to make each scroll. I know I can add List_Navigation to them, but instead, is there a way to make them really scroll (with scroll bar) independently?
Hi Gerry,

There is :)

In each of the webblocks you do the following:
1) add a container (DIV) and use CSS to give a height and a set the overflow-y as to auto (height: 200px; overflow-y: auto)
2) place inside your List Record

What will happen is that your content will continue to grow, but the outer block will keep it's size, making the scroll to appear.

Hope this helps,


Perfect. Thanks!
Hi Ruben, 

Could you please be a bit more clear about the CSS of the DIV? Where can I find it? 


Hi Simoneazz,

Rúben already wrote the CSS of it (height: 200px; overflow-y: auto)

more specifically, you can follow these steps:
- create a new class in the stylesheet
   .scrollingDiv {
         height: 200px;
         overflow-y: auto;

- assign this style to every div you want to scroll.

That's it! If you don't want to have a 200px height in each div, you can specify a max-height, if the browser supports it!

Hope this helps