Refreshing outdated references

Just picking up on something that has been frustrating me a bit.  If I change something small in one of my eSpaces (for instance a CSS tweak), I then have to update references and republish any espaces that reference the first eSpace - I get that.

Is there a way to automate this process?  What I'm thinking is like the solution feature on Service Center, but with the option to refresh references to and republish multiple eSpaces.  Does this already exist?

I've got an application with four or five eSpaces referencing a central eSpace and it takes a chunk of time to refresh references and republish all those eSpaces.
Hi Steve,

Yes it can be done ;)

If you create a solution that I includes your espaces and then use the "Publish current version" of that solution in Service Center will automatically try to refresh all the references.

Also just on a side note, in the specific case of css, if its just changes to already existing css sheets the refresh itself is not necessary, just an espace republish.

Edit: Just a note, the automatic refresh on publishing the solution is only done in .Net platforms, currently not in JAVA.

João Rosado
Excellent, thanks João, that's excellent news!