"Weird" eSpace Rerence Webblock Refresh

"Weird" eSpace Rerence Webblock Refresh


I am experiencing some unusual refresh warnings whenever I refresh my solution's references through "Add/Remove References..." button.
The menu displays the following message on eSpace:

"<eSpace> has modified elements in <Server>
Click in modified elements for more information"

No matter how many times I refresh it, the message persists.
Anyone had the similar issue?

Thanks and best regards
Alexandre -

Are you clicking the green "recycle" or "refresh" button next to the eSpace's name in the Add/Remove References dialog? That is what you need to do to actually refresh the reference, but it is often overlooked by folks new to the platform because it is not obvious.

Hi Alexandre,

Did you do a "Submit Feedback" with the error from Service Studio?
If you didn't, please do so we can try to replicate the problem.

Also, what version of Service Studio and Platform Server are you using?
Did you try to open the referenced espace, do some change in the webblock (like adding and removing a input) and republish it, to see if the problem stops?

João Rosado
@JJa: I did press the green Refresh button. It refreshes most of my references. It only happens in this instance.

@João: I tried removing the recordList table and the refresh issue disappeared. My guess would be something related with the table records widget...
I am using version 6 and i send you in attachment a screenshot of my refresh.

Thanks and regards