DB management when Using PE


I've been using the Personal Environment to create a simple web app. I recently decided to change a Static Entity into into a regular one, but forgot to clean up records that we're referencing the old static entity first.

Now my 1CP is failing, and I can't go to my webapp to delete them logically. Would love to drop those rows using a SQL manager. Can I simply do this in an Advanced query?

- Leo
Hi Leo,

You can publish the older version and revert back the changes to when the entity was a static entity. Them cleanup the data in the app and them publish the latest version. Now, how do you do this?
Use the icon (eSpace management...) on the toolbar to go to ServiceCenter. If you have the app open it will go directly there.

Then choose which version you want to publish and publish it.

I hope this helps you.
Ha, I should of known that. It's been too long since I've played around in Outsystems.

I was actually able to publish by changing the Delete Rule in my referencing tables, and then consequently cleaned up the data from the pages.

Thanks Andre.