Lost SEO Rules with MailServer

Lost SEO Rules with MailServer

Hi all.

Here is my new and strange situation. It is confusing but feel free to ask anything else.

Server: VPS with Windows 2008 R2 Standard and Agile Platform CE

I had it working for a year, some domains pointing to the machine, SEO rules managed it, and URL Rewrite acted as a subdomain wildcard manager.

Last week I changed the machine role from "my personal OS playground" to "my association all-in-one server" and cleared the unnecessary URL Rewrite rules. It now has a single domain (to expand later) and functions as a mailserver.

The problem is that it created a new Site in IIS for webmail and I think it affected ISAPI Filters. Service Center SEO screens now says "ERROR - Filter does not appear to be installed on the following node(s): myservername
Please refer to the Technote available at http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkDocuments/DocumentDetail.aspx?DocumentId=396 for installation instructions"
and Site Rules List doesn't work anymore.

I've reinstalled ISAPI in Default Web Site, even installed it in Webmail Site. No difference.

It could be because I changed Default Site Bindings to direct subdomain mail.domain.com to webmail? Default hostname for type=http was * and now is domain.com.

Because the webmail and mail accounts are being used I'd rather not rollback everything. The Site Rules I can handle with URL Rewrite and nothing else is mandatory. But I'd like to understand what is going on and how to solve this before I add more domains (each domain will have it's own espace so imagine my trouble).

Any feedback would be appreciated.
Hi Nuno,

Most likely caused by the change in the bindings. For the platform to work correctly (Not only the seo rules) you need it to answer on both localhost and bindings.
Actually running configuration tool again should modify the binding to force fhat, but you can do it manually.

João Rosado
Thanks João.

I changed Default Web Site bindings back to * in http and after a forced refresh in browser it worked (without losing webmail). Now I can go back to developing :)