[QR-Code and Barcode Generator] Alternative QR Code generator (e.g. in case of .NET stack)

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Published on 2012-05-26 by Acácio Porta Nova
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Published on 2012-05-26 by Acácio Porta Nova
Hi Guys,

Yesterday I needed a QR code generator but based on the .NET stack.
I've added it to the forge.

It takes a different approach compared to your project since it consumes an external API.
It should be more responsive in case of repetitive requests on the same QR code URL since it DB caches the images locally (based on the URL as a parameter).

You can find it here:
Thanks for the link. And I wonder can I apply free QR code barcode generator API into this? like zxing or google API.

like http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5640581/recommend-open-source-qr-code-generator-dll
Hi Hongdi,

Sure you can use ZXing. There's already a component in the Forge for that.