How to export/import entity data for migrating between environments?

How to export/import entity data for migrating between environments?

I have a Dev, QA, and Prod environment using the PaaS offering. I am about to move the code base to the QA environment. What is the easiest way to migrate the entity data from Dev to QA? Thank you.
This may sound a bit silly but really the best way is not to move data at all, or better saying, that the data of your application goes with the code. From your question I sense that you have a lot of configuration and now you want to move it to QA. With the OutSystems Platform it is possible to design applications and change them very quickly and thus reduce all this effort to create a lot of customizations... and even better your applications are ready once you publish them, no configuration time.

Well anyhow I suggest you think of creating web services in your application to export and import data. You can create a webservice in your eSpace module and consume it in the same module. Now you'll need to think about data integrity, the Id's of entities in one environtment will probably differ from the ones in the other environment...

I'm not a DBA but I think you can also consider an ETL over the database if you have access to it, this can probably be easier if you know your way as you can drop constrainst and keep the values of the identifiers from the other environment...

I hope I've shed some light into your problem.