Can I get the published version number in my eSpace

Can I get the published version number in my eSpace

I have a requirement to show the current published version number in the e-space. Is it possible to do it without adding a site property ? We are using lifetime.

I would love to put my eSpace version in the header or footer of all my pages so when problems are reported I'll know what version the problem was on.  I know these fields are in the Outsystems maintained tables in the data based but how exactly can I get them?  Is it SQL, a system action, something else?  Thanks for your help.
Hi Curtz,

You can reference System Entities just like any other entity in another eSpace module. They appear in the add & remove references window under the '(System)' option. Remember that these versions are environment specific, i.e. version 1 in PRD is not version 1 in DEV.

Have you considered using the Embeded Change Technology (ECT) to get this feedback from your users?
Thanks for the info.  I assumed (always bad) the the System reference that is automatically included in each new eSpace was everything in System.

Yes, I will be using ECT but one of the features of that is capturing a screen shot where I would hope to see the version.  If nothing else, it's comfort for me to know what version I'm looking at.  I'll probably tack on the environment name, then I'll know everything (DEV + VERSION + APP).

Thanks again!
In the Manage Dependencies screen I can't select the OSSYS_APP_VERSION table (wehre the nice version number is mentioned). How can I get this number in ServiceStudio?