Reusing Espaces across PE environments

Reusing Espaces across PE environments


I have my PE environment that is tied to my Outsystems account which I have had for many years, and I have added a handful of apps to that environment. I am now in the process of having a professional developer help me build an app/apps, and so I created a new account with a new PE to give him access, but when I tried to copy over the espace I have been working on it does not allow me. How do I copy over an espace from one PE to another PE? Or maybe there is a way to give my developer access to my original PE (with many apps in it) without creating a new PE?

Does this make sense, can someone help?

Here's how I do it.

1) Using Service Studio, Open the eSpace in the current environment
2) Click on eSpace (top left), Export, Save as - remember where you put it
3) Click on eSpace, Switch Environment - connect to the new environment
4) Click on the little down arrow to the right of the tabs that say outsystems, development, etc.
5) Click Open File - point at the file you saved earlier
6) One Click Publish

Good luck!
Hello Fadi,

The only way to move eSpaces between personal environments is by making them open source in the Forge.
When I do that I get this message: "Intellectual Property Error.You are trying to Upload or Publish an eSpace whose Intellectual Property is Protected, since it was created in a different OutSystems Platform Infrastructure than ''''. 

Then when I try to give myself the IP rights through I get an email that it is not. allowed.

Ricardo, how am I supposed to have a developer work with me?
Hi Fadi,

The IPP rights web page only works for enterprise subscriptions. For personal environments you need to share your code in the Forge to make it available to others.

Just in case you're wondering how to do it here are the steps:
  1) Using Service Studio, Open the eSpace in the current environment
  2) Click on eSpace (top left), Export, Save as - remember where you put it
  3) Go to 
  4) Click the big red "Add new component" button - login if you don't see it
  5) Fill the form with all relevant info including the eSpace you saved on step 2
  6) Copy the component link from your browser and share it with your developer so he can start from where you left in his own personal environment. 

Hope this helps.

Obviously when I posted earlier I was just saving into the same environment so never saw the IPP issue.  If I was working on something that was not for the general public (for any number of reasons) putting the code on the Forge is just a horrible solution.  If there is really no other way to accomplish this, I will gladly write up an idea for this.
Hi Curt,

I'm afraid that at the moment this is the only way to accomplish it:

If you need multiple developers collaborating on a private project then you need to consider an enterprise subscription:

That said, writing up an idea is a great starting point for feedback and discussion. Let's see what others in the community have to say about it.

Hi Curt and Nuno, it woul be great if there could be a solution to this problem since I (and many others) need to work on private projects. In my case they are small jobs that one developer could handle and are not large enough for an enterprise license. Looking forward to seeing how this will be resolved. Thanks
As a temporary solution can a component be uploaded to Forge, downloaded by the other developer, then deleted?   All of a sudden I need a way to share eSpaces.  Thanks!