[Geo Performance] Locale

[Geo Performance] Locale

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Published on 2016-01-08 by Magda Pereira
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Published on 2016-01-08 by Magda Pereira
Every data that is registered is referenced to an italian locale. Is that supposed to happen?
Can you please help me to understand this?
Thanks in advanced
João Sousa
Hi João,

This component pre-loads a set of IP ranges from an excel spreadsheet (taken from this site http://www.ip2nation.com/) and loads them into the database. Then each request is analysed against those ranges and the Country is determined. The IP ranges are not fixed and may change from time to time (depending on the ISP), meaning that the IP data must be refreshed frequently or the results may become invalid.

You may check the IP manually in the website http://www.ip2nation.com/

The IP tables of the sample plugin are almost 1 year old now. (I'll see if I can update them soon - but the process of creating the excel from the .sql file is slow...)

Note: Only IPv4 is supported in this version.