Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis

Have you used an sentiment analysis engine with Outsystems? If so, what did you use and what was your experience?

I've used in the past an integration with Alchemy API which has a ton of useful stuff related to machine learning and classification, including sentiment analysis. I found that integration was quite easily and the results where surprinsingly good. You can find more information
Hi Gerry

I've used pattern in the past to do sentiment analysis. It's in python but it can be made to work with OutSystems throguh an extension. I figured it worked relatively well for small pieces of text (eg: tweets) but would report more neutrality in bigger pieces (which isn't unexpected if we think of the sentiment as being more diluted throughout the bigger text).

If you're interested in automatic sentiment analysis you should probably test how the different algorithms apply to your data in a quick and lean way before deciding for a big bet on it.