User Management with local databse

User Management with local databse

Hi All,
        I have this requirement to map local user table to outsystem users and I am looking at different ways to do it. Here is what I was thinking about:

1- Add the local user database as extension and check credentials against this. If exits then create an outsystems user.
2- Create a dummy outsystems user and if user pass the credentials against local user database, then login with that user credentials. In this approach all the external users will share the same outsystems user. 

I have a question about the second approach.How would the session manaement work in this case ? Would all the users share the same session as it is the same outsystems user ? 

1 - doable, but you'll have to do all user management on that table including creating users, and validating login. You have a system action that allows you to login a user with the UserId only. I'm assuming you don't want tracebility of actions on the database, only validate the user credentials.

2 - Most certainly would violate your license agreement...
Thanks Andre for replying. Why does second approach violate license agreement ? Any comments about session ?
I'm no lawyer but if you have a license based on users (I don't know if you have or not) and you map all the users in the database to a single user in OutSystems you may be violating that license... I think of it as me buying 1 software license that allows me to install that software on one computer and then I installed it in several...
But again I'm no laywer :)
Personally I would go for number 1...
Has for session you can quickly check that they don't share session if you use two different browsers.
I agree that option 1 should be preferred. I will look into it.I have already tested the session and they don't share it as it seems that session id is calculated based on httpcontext.
Great! If you bump into any road block come back so that we can help you.