What are the considerations when using BPT?

What are the considerations when using BPT?


For our next project, our team is planning to use BPT.
This new project is mainly Workflow based, hense it makes sense using BPT, also we want to build our BPT competency.
All our team members are very well experienced with using the platform, but have never worked with BPT.
We have gone through the online help as well as the Academy.
Our main concerns are implementing changes to the processes (we are sure there will be many).
Are there any other considerations that have to be planned before hand?
How do you manage suspended processes?


I recommend the use of BPT in any situation where it can be considered.

About the process changes, of course they are unwanted, but they are very well managed. BPT tries to keep existent processes running (if they were in a step that remains, they are kept there until action and then follow new path) and the ones discarded for being in a discarted step are logged so that you don't lose anything.

The trickiest situation that may appear is when you have parallel branches and have to handle one or many responses. But everything seems logic so you will understand quickly why it happens.
I have not used BPT much myself, but I liked what I saw. Others on our team have used it much more, and are also very positive about it.

Hi Charles, 
BPT is a powerful tool but you must take into consideration a few things:

1) the number of processes that you will be dealing with since performance can the a issue if you have thousands on process instances. For example, if you create thousands of processes at any given time, it can take hours to finish. Publishing a solution will also take longer since BPT has to perform a impact analysis in each one.

2) BPM management can also be a problem because if, for example, you delete an activity, you have to tell the process where you want it to continue. This has to be done to each individual process.

We are using them to great extend and work very well but you have to be careful.
Thanks everyone for the valuable feedback :)
We will be using BPT for the project