Integrated Authentication asking for Username / Password in IE

Integrated Authentication asking for Username / Password in IE

Hi guys,

In the OutSystems Platform for .NET you can use Integrated Windows Authentication to automagically authenticate the users in your application against their domain credentials.

Some people have problems with Internet Explorer stangely asking them for credentials in some situations, but not in others, seemingly at random.

One of the reasons I know of which can cause this is that Internet Explorer, by default, will only send Integrated Authentication credentials when accessing a website it believes is in the Intranet security zone. Also, by default, Internet Explorer will only consider sites in the Intranet Zone if they do not have a Fully Qualified Domain Name. For those less tech savvy, if the hostname has a dot, it's not intranet. http://test_server/ (Intranet) (NOT Intranet). In particular, IP Addresses are FQDN's, so this will happen if you're accessing the site via IP address.

You can add the current site to the intranet using the following instructions:

After this your Internet Explorer should happilly send the credentials !

For more information on this subject, please refer to this technet article, which also provides alternative instructions to add a site to the intranet and on how as a Windows System administrator you can add sites to the Intranet to all your users.

If you find other reasons for this behavior to happen, feel free to share them here.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva