Option "Remember me"

Good morning everyone! 
I wonder how it works (for serving) option remember native of OutSystems. 
Does anyone know where I can get this answer? 
Thank you!
Hi Claudio,

When the users check the "Remember login" checkbox on the login page the user will be logged in for 15 days, even if he closes the browser, or until he does an explicit logout.

If the this option is not checked then the user is logged out when the session finishes, i.e. when the user closes the browser or after the session timeout.

Tiago Simões

does the "remember me" option keep the session active for that time will all the values of the session object setted or does it re authenticate automatically a user but will discard the session information?


The remember login only allows the user to be logged in back again after the session expires without having to introduce the credentials again.  All session variables have to be set again.  You can use OnSessionStart to load session variables.