RichWidgets\Popup_Editor - jQuery v1.9.1

RichWidgets\Popup_Editor - jQuery v1.9.1

I created a new component Highcharts and I'm using jQuery 1.9. The problem is that I'm also using a Popup_Editor component. The popup does not work when I use the new version of jQuery. 
Would anyone tell me how to do the migration to this new version without impacting existing components? 
Thank you!
Hi Rodrigo,

Can you see what javascript errors that you are getting?
Also you posted in the Personal Environment section, so can I assume you are using a Personal environment?

The popup editor from 8.0+ Richwidgets should not be affected by any jquery that you include in the page, but if you have javascript errors in the page it can stop working correctly.

Can you check in Service Center what version of Richwidgets that you have published? Or give us a link with the problem happening?

João Rosado