[iTextSharp] Form Fields disappear in MergePDF_Bulk

[iTextSharp] Form Fields disappear in MergePDF_Bulk

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Published on 2015-09-10 by Luis Filipe Oliveira
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Published on 2015-09-10 by Luis Filipe Oliveira

If I fill Form Fields in PDF and then use the action MergePDF_Bulk the new pdf has no fields filled, any suggestions?

Pedro Coelho
Hi Pedro,

I just found the same problem. I have solved it by modifying the XIF. This is caused by when the library merges it is not "flattening" the PDF and fields etc are lost in the merge.

If you would like me to post my modifications, you are more than welcome to them. (I see your post is 1 year old)


Hello Mark Bayles,

I just have a similar problem, at least as far as I understand itextsharp.

I have a vb.net code which "gathers" new incomming emails from Outlook an does print the email and the email's attachments. Therfore a single PDF-file is created, which includes the email and the attachments, as far as a transformation is possible, e.g. Word --> PDF --> OK, mp3 --> PDF --> no way.
The code is working so far. Today I noticed, that PDF-forms are printed without the form-data. I know, that the data is "elliminated" when the PDF-Files are merged, in detail when instruction "cb.AddTemplate" is executed. I'm merging the pages step by step, what means page by page. Thus because I shrink and rotate the pages where necessary.
Instead of "cb.AddTemplate" I could use "copier.AddDocument(reader)", but this does add the whole document to the final document without the possibility of adjustment.

Could you perhaps provide me with a hint or the like?

Kind regards,


I'm using this extension to merge a couple of PDf files that contains Scanned images into one PDf document. What I have is the following situation:

1. Each scanned image will be posted to the server in one PDF file. so I get a Record list ( dataset) of each image in a pdf file.

2. Once I receive the whole HTTP request I check for each record if the binary is not a null binary ( I do a compare) and append all of them to the record list of  the type PDF (structure) in the iTextSharp extension,  

3. After step 2 I call the MergePDF_Bulk function to merge all the files in one single PDF.

Here I get the following error in servicecenter : 

[2] PDF header signature not found.
   at iTextSharp.text.pdf.PRTokeniser.CheckPdfHeader()
   at iTextSharp.text.pdf.PdfReader.ReadPdf()
   at OutSystems.NssiTextSharp.CssiTextSharp.MssMergePDF_Bulk(RLPDFRecordList ssPDF_List, Byte[]& ssMergedPDF)

I just need to have all the images in a pdf file.



**** Update ****

I saved each file in a table so I can access each Pdf separately to check if the pdf is correct, and only the first pdf is correct, the rest when I try to open them I get that the file is corrupt. So I think that is the issue.