where is the "Outsystems solution pack file" located?

where is the "Outsystems solution pack file" located?

I have just installed Solution Pack Tool 8.0 on my PC with windows XP OS. When I want to run the program the attached screen comes up. Where would I find this Oustsytems solution pack file?


That is the solution-pack-tool.
Nothing more and nothing less!

Here you upload a solution (file extension .osp) and either extract it to a custom folder, so you can see the contents, or upload them directly to the server.

I am not sure what you do expect with it?

Hi Statler,
I am new to Ousystems. I downloaded on this site an exe file called ServiceStudio In doing so I wanted to get to the Outsystems Software(see attachment), so I can try it and see if it will help me on my needs.
Can you help me download the correct exe file for Outsystems

easiest way is to go to this http://www.outsystems.com/home/ 
and enter a cloudname for yourself and hit the big red button!

there you will get introduced by all the awesome stuff that Outsystems has to offer!!!

after that initial stuff you might want to check out to http://www.outsystems.com/academy/ go deeper.
But i'm sure other people can respond to your question much better!!!

Good luck and enjoy!!