Download full version 8.01 - Comm.Edition

Download full version 8.01 - Comm.Edition

Hi guys,

If I goto this link I can download a full version anymore ...
Is there still a possibility to download the 8.01 full version for a personal cloud (not the Personal Edition!!)
and get a community licens license for that ?
Hi Joop,

The community edition installer is there but it's hard to reach:
  • Downloads » For On-premises or Private Cloud » All versions » OUTSYSTEMS PLATFORM 8 » navigate to 2nd page » OutSystems Platform Community Edition
Here's the direct link:

Your existing 8.0 community edition license will still be valid/work if you manually upgrade to version 8.0.1 (using the Platform Server + Service Studio + Integration Studio installers).
If you setting up a new installation and need a new license you can get it here:

Hope this helps!

So there's no full installer available for 8.01 Community Edition (private cloud) ??
Yes, the last Community Edition installer is the one for
Our efforts are now focused on more awesomeness to the personal environment. ;)
... is it still possible to get a CE license for 8.01 if I wanty to install it on my private server ?
Will that still be available in future ?
Yes, you can grab a CE 8.0 license to use in a new 8.0.1 private server.
The CE 8.0 licenses will work for any 8.0.x release, but not on 9.0 though.

The licenses will be available "until the end-of-life of OutSystems Platform version 8" (

While end-of-date for version 8 is still unknown we can take a hint/reference point from version 7's discontinuation date:

We tried to cover most questions on the personal environment FAQ but since these more complicated community edition usage scenarios didn't quite fit there thanks for getting your questions out in the open. Hopefully this will help others in the same situation. :)

Yes, when I last check the FAQ, I was convinced that we could not request a Community Licence for a fresh 8.0.1 manual install.
I'm happy to know that is still available.
In my case we don't have internet connection on the local network for security policies. So I have a manual installation with a community licence on my personal laptop, just to test some things.
As the Community Licence will die with OS 8, I will not be able to do that anymore :(

Hi José,

Thanks for sharing that CE usage scenario. On your company are there others doing the same thing?


Hi Davide,

Yes, all developers have their own CE on their laptops.