The entities of a space are saved on ossys_entity table and other child tables.
The structures are saved in a table too? Wich tables?
Hi Allan,

Structures have no representation on the DB level. They only exist on the "code level".
Why do you need something like that? Maybe we can help you in a different solution.


Hi Hélio I have a lot of .XSD files, that have roles about XML structures, in .net code I used a command line to transform this XSD in a group of classes C#.
I Outsystems structures was representation on DB I would create a simple aplication that consumes this XSD (or C# classes) and create DB registries.
Hi again Allan,

Since you already have code in C# can't you just import the .dll with Integration Studio and call those actions from  Service Studio?
Ok, no problem, I already have this: an extension that consumes my C# classes, but I wanna change this for structures inside the Service Studio.
Do you known some alternatives?
I'm afraid there's no way to do that.
The only "easy" way to create structured data is in runtime with XML records, hashtables, etc..
This way you are always dealing with "objects" and not the native structures.


Ok Hélio
Thanks a lot.