I have 4 tabs on my application. When the user clicks on the 1st tab I run a query and refresh the table within it. I need to disable the 3 tabs so that the user does not click on a different while the query is running.

I ran "RichWidgets_Tabs_ClientSide_DisableTab" function before executing the query to refresh the table and then execute "RichWidgets_Tabs_ClientSide_EnableTab" function after refreshing the table. It works fine for the 1st tab. When I call the same "RichWidgets_Tabs_ClientSide_DisableTab" when the user clicks on the 2nd tab does not do anything.

Is there any way to deal with this issue.

Any help is appreciated.
Hi Selvam,

Can you share with us an example of this error and the Oml so we could try and help you?