London Theme - Web Screen Load Time

London Theme - Web Screen Load Time


recently I stumble into some weird problem.
When I´m using 'London' as Base Theme my Web Screens take around 20 seconds to load on Service Studio, anyone had this problem? Could someone explain me why is this happening?

Thanks in advance.
Hi João,

Does this happen in a brand new application with London Theme as base theme?
Are you running Service Studio on a virtual machine?
Yes this happen in a brand new application.
And no, I´m not running Service Studio on a virtual machine. It seems the problem is somehow related with networking, because if i disconnect, from wifi or cable, the problem is gone, but work offline is obviously not an option.

Does Service studio make an update every time you change Web Screen? 
I forget to mention, only Service Studio 8.0.1.*
On my first days at OS8, Studio took around 5 seconds to load each screen (new or old) in Edition or Preview Mode.
I got used to it. Now in I wasn't noticing it.

I don't know if it is my cache working or if it was a Studio fix, but it is fine now.
The only network connection that Service Studio should be doing is to get the (London) fonts from RichWidgets (on your development enviroment) when you open a screen for the first time. The subsequent openings those fonts should be cached, and it shouldn't happen again.
Is the connection to your platform development enviroment is OK?
I would recommend that you install Fiddler ( and try to see whether Service Studio is trying to make any long lasting outgoing connections when you open the screen.
I tried with both and and the problem is present in both.

I install fiddler and check the requests and the weird thing is that service studio isn´t making a request at all when I open a screen.
Can you send me the eSpace?
I could but...which one? It happens in all of them.

A simmple eSpace where it happens is attached.
Try to open these links on your browser:


Is is fast?

Btw, are you using a local, intranet or cloud environment?
Yes it's fast. but Service Studio doesn't make any request.

I use could and dedicated servers and the problem is always there.
This should be something directly related with the service studio.
Ok, well I suggest that you contact the OutSystems Product Support.