Download stream file

Hi guys,

Does anyone one know how to download multiple files, streaming a zip?

My use case is select multiple files, start downloading a zip but the browser doesn't know when it ends, the server keeps sending them the content until it ends. Like Google's Picasa.

Any idea?
Thank you but this is not a solution for us for its lack of cross-browser compability.

I would prefer something like this but Outsystems lacks of .NET 4.5 support.

Is there any solution for 2.0? Or other approach?
The onyl one I think of is using the ZIP extension wich is bundled in System Components.
The problem is that we've our files stored on Amazon S3 which means that we would have to download them to our server, build the zip and than give it to the user. The experience would be terrible.

Wouldn't with the ZipArchive solution that you linked have the same problem (having to download the files to the server)?

João Rosado
Yes. But what I was thinking if there's any way, while downloading from s3, send immediatelly to the client. 

What I want to avoid is user having to wait a lot while the server gathers the pics, build the zip and than starting download.

For example, on Google+, downloading an album is immediatelly and I notice that the client keeps receiving the file but doesn't know the final size.