Community License

I just joined and a new guy in Outsystem. How do I download the on premise community edition?
Hi Wilfred and Welcome!

Any reason why you don't want to use the personal environment? It is very easy to set up.
Another great place to go following this setup is the Online Training so that you start learning how to build your own applications.

If you really want to go for the on premise community edition you can search the forum, there is a lot of information regarding the community edition.

Hello Andre, we are working with a financial institution and our  project that integrates with the bank core SAP system. The Central Bank rulings here is that we cannot just connect outside of bank premises. Our project needs on premise setup due to the risk of bank data being exposed if done thru the web. Our project is for back room operations.

Be aware that the community edition is extremely limited in what you can do because of the software unit (SU) limit.  In my initial project just creating the entities (tables) I needed used up all the SUs. You are going to be challenged connecting to SAP and trying to show any significant functionality in my opinion.  

The link for the downloads can be found here -  Be very carefull as the community edition is version 8.0.0.x and is not compatible with the personal edition which is version 8.0.1.x.

Good luck with your project!