Drop-down List does not arrange by Order column.

Drop-down List does not arrange by Order column.

Hi everyone,

I have a drop-down list that's populated by an advanced query. This query is arranged by the Order column, that contains integers from 0 to n, where n is the maximum row.


Item Order
Item 1 1
Item 2 2
Item 3 3
Item 4 4

But it seems in the drop-down, it doesn't sort properly and it automatically selects the last record (Item 4). Another information is that I added a null item in the dropdown (something like this " - ")

Any ideas?
please provide an example oml

Make sure you are using the output of the Advanced Query in the Source Record List property of the combo box.

I'm curious, though, why you need the advanced query... Can you share the example?

By the way, if you only set the Source Entity the OutSystems Platform will generate the query to populate the combobox according to the entity definition, i.e., respecting the Is Active and the Order By attributes.