[Agile Project Management] Timesheets are getting messed up after timer Timesheet_Sync

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Published on 2013-03-08 by Nuno Antunes
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Published on 2013-03-08 by Nuno Antunes
We imported our large project from ANP some weeks ago, which eventually went OK. Now we encounter a big error in the timer Timesheet_Sync in the Espace ProjectSite.

After investigating this timer it has become clear that you should NOT run it as it will mess up your timesheets of the last week. You will get updated and/or extra timesheetlines with large amount of hours which you had already spent on previous timesheets, but are not recognized by the timer. Repair of your corrupted timesheets is hard to realize, since your timesheetlines can be extra or just updated. If anyone has encoutered this problem and has solved this I would like to know.

For now I advise everyone to deactivate this timer asap. After deployment of APM the timer will run every sunday at 23:45 by default
Hi Eric

I was investigating this matter with the team that built APM and the timer is used to automatically pass open work items to the timesheets of the following week. So this is likely the mess you found.

Since this is not usually needed you can safely disable the timer. I just posted a new version (7.0.6) which removes the default schedule of the timer to avoid this problem.