How to declare Unlimited Text in data and textbox

How to declare Unlimited Text in data and textbox

How do I declare a Text Attribute that is unlimited?
Also how would I declare a text input box to be unlimited length?
Make it a binary attribute and use TextToBinary and BinaryToText to save and get your text. I believe you can leave the Length setting on your text input empty to have no limit.
Hi David,

There's no unlimited value. You will always have to set a value on the attribute length and on the input max. length.

But if you set the attribute to be more than 2000 characters long then the data type in the databse actually changes, from nvarchar to ntext (if you're using unicode, or varchar to text) - there are some limitations you should check on the link above.

The OutSystems Platform doesn't not make any limitation on the amount of text you put into a text attribute, it only issues a warninig when you have this attribute bound to an input and the max. length on the input differs to length of the attribute.

What usually is done in this case is to use a number big enough for the purpose like 5000 (or more) that fits the integer range. 

Edit: Brian's solutions is perfectly valid as well! I've attached an example. You actually don't have to set the maximum length on the input and when it is empty it means no limitation is imposed - this maps to the maxlength attribute in HTML.