Physical table name

Physical table name


How can I configure the physical table name in the version 8? I need to remove the prefix of the tables.

I found this thread ( and tryied to insert the parameter Compiler.DefaultPhysicalTableName in OSSYS_PARAMETER system table but didn't work.

Hi Victor,

As the post indicates this is not supported...
Why do you need to change the physical table name?
Hi andré.

I need to ensure that my tables from my oml will be the same in all environments that I publish it. My client asked me this, and was told me before that it was possible.
He needs to be sure that if he has to change the applicatoin to another server he can do a backup of the catalog and restore it later, without have to worry about table names.
Assuming you are not using multiple database catalogs the backup of the catalgo already includes the platform datamodel that identifies which tables map to which entities. For this purpose you don't need to control the name since when you restore the catalog it will have all the information it needs to work...
André, I am using multiple database catalog, and what I wanted was just backup the application catalog, and not the outsystems.
I published the oml in another server, and the prefix from my application's table name was the same ("U5D"). This is stored in the oml? If so, when i publish the oml in others servers it will keep the same prefix?
Hi Victor.
The entities will keep the table prefix everytime you publish. If a table needs to be recreated (I don't remember how it happened, probably a change in key columns?), it will change only the suffix, adding a "1" to the name. Even that you can correct by manually editing the tablens and Entities table.
Hi Nuno.

If the prefix doesn't change I don't whink I'll have any problems..